„We are deeply concerned“

Statement by Ministers of Foreign Affairs of Lithuania, Poland and Ukraine – so called Lublin Triangle from August 10, 2020

As Foreign Ministers of Lublin Triangle States, we are deeply concerned with escalation of the situation in Belarus after the presidential elections and call upon the authorities to refrain from the use of force and to release all those detained last night.

Respect for fundamental freedoms and human rights, including democracy and rule of law, is essential for further development of independent and sovereign Belarus, which we fully support.

We are confident that only by means of dialogue the current situation can be resolved for the benefit of the people and the state of Belarus. 

In case of the need, we are open for any assistance or good offices in facilitating this dialogue.

The well-being and prosperity of Belarus and its people are important for the entire Europe and specifically our region. We are all interested in continuing mutually beneficial dialogue as well as cooperation based upon democratic values and focused on creating conditions for a common and stable future.

* * *

Source: Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine Website (10.08.2020)

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