Social Basic Support for Refugees from Ukraine

Dear people,
I do social law professionally and like Ukraine and would like to support it. I have now organized everything for an online lecture on SGB II for Ukrainian refugees. I give a brief introduction to the system of SGB II, inform about benefit entitlements, scope of benefits, additional requirements, special needs, obligations to cooperate, application and legal remedies.

In advance

In order to test everything for Wednesday in advance, I have put a small test stream online with some information about consulting assistance and legal aid. In it, I inform about access for those in need to legal advice and legal representation.

The stream can be watched here.

The corresponding slides and information materials can be downloaded here: (PDF)

In addition, a few helpful links on the subject: Here you can determine the district court responsible for you.

Here you can download the application for legal aid and here the application for advisory assistance.

Now for Wednesday, 25.5.2022 – 18.30


  • Background Basic Security SGB II – What is it for?
  • Who can apply for basic security SGB II?
  • How to apply?
  • duty to cooperate
  • What basic security means and includes
  • Supplements and specials
  • Health insurance
  • Legal issues and your rights

Questions can also be asked directly online via Facebook or via Twitch (App).

I handle the whole thing via the Twitch platform.
The Twitch apps are also available for the iPhone and Android phones. The corresponding website for download can be found here.

A parallel stream on Facebook live is working properly.

Slides and information materials are provided in English (PDF)
if someone can translate this into Ukrainian/Russian, that would of course be helpful.

The whole thing is to take place on 05/25/2022 at 6.30 p.m. on my account and can also be streamed via Facebook if necessary.

Lecture is in English.

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